Silent Meditation Methods

By Marilyn Harper

Silent meditation methods are numerous yet the purpose is always the same: to bring inner peace within our self and the world in a positive and spiritual way. Guided meditation methods assist in this, too! Meditation practice has been proven to improve your health and state of mind. Studies show meditation can actually lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, improving your intuition and your connection with prayer within your confines of guidance from a Higher Source.

With the world in a seeming state of chaos, it is essential to create positive and peaceful thoughts to bring peace to our mind. Meditation is one of the best methods to be at peace with the world around you. We won’t go into the many different styles of meditation here, but instead will provide a series of articles about several different meditation techniques.

Let’s explore the silent meditation methods first.

Silent meditations acknowledges the Divine within each living thing. With that acceleration of energy, balance is necessary for a peaceful presence in this world. Your Silence is the core. It is your friend. It is your womb of the Divine.

When we move into the silence, the silence moves within us. The action take some from their own living room to that holy place of solitude.

One of the first silent meditation methods is simply to be in the silence. That is right! No music, no guided visualization, just the silence and the essence of your own breathing experience. We recommend a timer be set for 10-15 minutes at first. The timer releases the mind from the thought of “How long have I been here?” “Is it over yet?” or “What if I sit here so long I am late for work or some other event?” After several days of timed mediation you will find you will naturally come back to the present in the perfect time.

With silent meditation methods, you can focus only on your breathing. We like the image that Michael Brown presences in “The Presence Process.” He suggests connecting your breathing as in the movement of a fountain, on the in-breath, you would be pulling the water up in the fountain and on the exhale then that would be the movement of the water naturally dropping out from the fountain. That is a good place to start, just with breathing.

Then as you feel at ease with that process, you can add contemplative mediation. That would be adding a focus or phrase to the breathing process. A good one is “I Am.” Or “I am that I am.” “I am present” is also good. Whichever phrase helps you hold your focus is a good one.

Silent meditation methods are powerful, providing relaxation and tremendous benefits to start your day. We recommend awaking with meditation and then just before going to sleep, meditate again. Silent methods definitely has its benefits as do guided meditation.

In the Silence we can feel the vibration of Source.

In the Silence we can hear the voice of God.

In the Silence we can taste the crisp freshness of the Divine.

In the Silence we see all things are good.

In the Silence we Experience … Feel … See … Smell … Taste …. Presence

For more information about guided meditations, see my post on guided meditation methods.


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