Solar Eclipse

solar eclipse spiritual message

Solar Eclipse

Ah, so it is a good day to you, huh? Very good to see each of you out there in this wonderful world that we are living in. I want you to understand that coming up is a very significant event, August 21st, 2017, is a solar eclipse.

It is one of the only times in 1,000 years maybe, that the solar eclipse is crossing the United States.

Watch the spiritual message of the August’s Solar Eclipse from Adironnda Spiritual Healer.

Now, there are all sorts of speculations about it. But what we are seeing, is it is drawing a dividing line for change and not to change. That as you are walking the path of your own energy, it is important that you set your intention for that which is in the highest good of humanity, not just your own personal agenda.

Take a look!

For you see, your own personal agenda may not have a thing to do with the truth or reality. It may not have a thing to do with what is goodness in nature. May not have a thing to do with politics or not politics.

And may just have a thing to do with whether or not you want to do this or do that this evening in your spare time. So instead, we want you to stop on August 21st and breathe into the eclipse, the solar eclipse, from wherever you are.

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Our Vessel Marilyn and Joeaux

We have directed our sweet, Vessel Marilyn and Joeaux to have an event in Kansas City on the sacred ground at Unity Village. We don’t usually use this format to make announcements, but our sweet Vessel Marilyn just got the information this past weekend, so you may not even have it in your hands yet.

The Harmony of Eclipse

Unity Village, August 21st, 2017, for the change to walk the pathway of this planet. We will be walking the labyrinth with music, song, dance, drumming between 11:30 and 1:30, and then we will have a power of 2 channeling with ourselves, and another channel from that area. Please, join us.

You see, it is your pathway as well, dearests. And when we nudged our Vessel Marilyn about this event, she threw up her hands and said, “No, we have way too much going on, we’ve got a class Holographic Healing II going on right now, we have a convergence coming up in a few weeks, we have Crestone Nearly Silent Retreat in October, and Thailand, which again is not full … in November.”

And yet because she knows that the energy is forthcoming and it is very strong and she knows that she volunteered, raised her hand, to be a part of the change making energy of this…humanity on this planet and other planets, she said, “yes”.

So we are asking you to say yes as well. If you can get there, get there, Unity Village, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, you can view 98% of the solar eclipse. Hotel rooms are available. If you cannot, go online, we will broadcast online.

We love you deeply. Love your willingness to be the difference in this world. Also love your willingness to say, “I do choose to be the change and assist with all things.” And for this we give thanks.




The Power of Two Eclipse Channeling

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