Do Something Unexpected for Others

Another two tips to enjoy life to the fullest, and do something nice for somebody else.

Tip Five: Do something nice for somebody who made a difference in your life.

That’s tip five. Do something nice for somebody else. I love doing that and figuring it out. First of all, you might think of those people in your world that really made a difference in your life, and write them a thank you note, not an email, not a text, but a thank you note. Somebody that shifted your consciousness, that shifted your world, that inspired you to do something, and write them a thank you note.

I wrote a thank you note to my seventh grade speech teacher, Mrs. McGaller. Now, it didn’t matter whether she received it or not, although she did receive it. What matters is that I sent it, that I experienced that gratitude. So, tip five is write a note to somebody in your world that has made a difference in your life, and thank them for the service that they rendered you.

Write a thank you note to somebody that made a difference in your life - Marilyn

Tip Six: Do something really fun for somebody else.

Send somebody a bouquet of flowers just spontaneously. Sometimes when I go to stay with people, we leave posted notes around their house. One time when I went to stay with somebody, I left dollar bills hidden all around their house.

On the third or fourth plate down, so then when they had company, they would find the dollar bill. Or when they open the scanner on their computer, which they never did, or seldom did, they would find the dollar bill. And it was just fun for me to hide it and fun for them to find it.

What fun things can you do for somebody?

You know, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Maybe go over and help somebody do something, clean out their garage or just do something fun with them. What is it that you can do to be of service to someone else that’s really fun, and innovative, and interesting.

Put your creative cap on, and think of some ideas. And if you have trouble with that, email me. I’m sure I can think of some, and if not the joy who’s the most creative person on the planet can definitely think of something. Have a great week.

Namaste y’all,

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