Something Wild is Happening

Saharan Air Layer

So Randy Luna, our musician, told me about an interesting phenomenon that is happening right now. It’s called the Saharan Air Layer. This is fascinating to me because when I went outside a little while ago, it was all hazy like when you’re at the beach. And I came back in, and Randy asked, “Was it hazy outside?” And he told me about this Saharan Air Layer; I call it a plume. Which consists of sand, air, and wind from the Sahara Desert (in Africa) lilting around the planet on the airwaves?


Riding the Westerlies

The air layer rides the westerlies. Randy is a weather fanatic, so he tells me these things. It’s so interesting that Adironnda’s message in the Kryon Weekend Livestream from Raleigh, NC was how that airflow affects the planet. And how we are breathing that in to shift the consciousness of our world and keep it in that mystical state of flow. I find that fascinating! How about you?

Something is Happening

When you think of everything that’s going on right now, I mean, craziness. Branson, Missouri, was on the national news. Something is happening for this little teeny tiny protest in Branson, Missouri, which had maybe 30 people there, to make national news. Something wild is going on on the planet. For the Saharan air layer to ride the westerlies over here in such a big plume, as it’s not normal for that, that’s newsworthy. But we don’t hear anything about that. So what is truly happening? Let’s take this into meditation.

Divine Breathing

Don’t go into a panic. Don’t go into freak out. Don’t go into anything else. Go into divine breathing and ask, “What is so important that I choose to pay attention to?” That’s where we get to be. Paying attention to things and those aspects within us and all around us, that is the importance. So we’re not in that wag the dog kind of energy. Not rushing over here for something when what’s happening is over there. So many times, that’s the case in our world right now.

Staying Centered

So now is the time to stay centered and say, “This day in peace.” To remain in that divine flow of those westerlies flow with that energy as it is coming in and going beyond where we expected it to go. For your weekly message for this week, where is it that you expect your energy to go this week? Could you write it down below in the comments? Pretty exciting. Namaste y’all. Namaste.

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! Where are you allowing your energy to flow this week? Be sure to leave us your answer and thoughts below.


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