SophiaGaia Bracelets

sophiagaia bracelets

NEW! SophiaGaia Bracelets

Our friend, Tracey, channeled a new grounding awareness bracelet for me, Joeaux Robey, along with the profound meaning behind this pretty new piece.

When Tracey asked Spirit to explain the numerology and metaphysical properties of the SophiaGaia bracelet, the following is what came through:

sophia-gaia-braceletGround the Body

”The sterling silver is used alchemically for the emotional body. Almost every dis-ease humans face have roots in the emotional body. They are emotions that are repressed and/suppressed and have created imbalance within the emotional body as well as the other bodies. It’s important to acknowledge what is happening in this body.

Contemplate with reverence to yourself and your current incarnation. Integrate the lesson and release what is no longer serving your highest good as well as those around you. Allow your Light to be a beacon for others!

Plant your feet on the ground and state “I Am that, I Am!”

Fossil Agate

The Turritella Fossil Agate is a very slow moving stone. There are 12 beads and 12 becomes a 3 (1+2), which acts as a catalyst for the positive mind. It provides you the opportunity to see the silver lining in almost every experience. It forces you to be in the present moment and to be grateful. Just be grateful for your breath. Allow your breath to connect with the diamond core of Gaia. Allow her warm comfortable embrace to wash away your worries and doubts about your tomorrows.

Mother Gaia knows and loves each and every one of her children and you are a dearly beloved child of Gaia. You belong here. You deserve to be here. You are strong and you have so much support from the Elementals. Even though we seem hidden from humanity, we are benevolently plurking away on your behalf. We honor you. We love you.


The Aquamarine is magnificent for speaking your truth and to express yourself. It’s a wonderful tool for forgiveness work. There are four Aquamarine stones which symbolizes neutrality and the zero point in every situation and experience.

It provides you the opportunity to walk with compassion for yourself and those around you in the past, present and future. It brings peace back to your soul.

Allow this stone to wash away the anger, the hate, the resentment and fear. Give yourself permission to play like the dolphins and sing like the whales.


Return to Oneness. Astrophylite brings you back to Source. This stone reminds you that the Creator resides inside you and everyone. It brings you back to the Oneness of the unity.

Sophia is the Christed Consciousness and the Mother of All. Sophia resides within the quantum field of our DNA. She uses the Higher Self as a bridge of communication.

Do you remember why you came here at this time? Take time to listen and witness your world. Use this stone to navigate through the wilderness of your life and reclaim your path and purpose.

We Are With You…

We thank Tracey, Marilyn and Joeaux for bringing this piece to humanity. They are humble servants of the Light. To all of you, we wish to thank you as well for your courage and willpower to fulfill your destiny. We bid you farewell for now. We are always with you, in complete awe and reverence to your divinity. We see you xoxo.”


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