Sphere of Influence

Sphere of Influence

Are you shining your light and widening your sphere of influence? How often do you make people smile? In this week’s Message of Light, Marilyn and Joeaux discuss how each one of us can spread our influence even more, no matter what our jobs entail.

Joeaux: So we want to talk about the sphere of influence because when we were in Toronto last, we had this amazing experience. Remember, we were at the baggage checkout?

Marilyn: Yes.

Joeaux: And that guy, we didn’t even get his name, but he was singing. I’m going to put it in this clip for you to listen to, but he was singing to us and I whipped out my phone and I did a little video, and he started singing a little song to Marilyn. And it was so interesting because that weekend in Toronto, Adironnda had talked about your sphere of influence, how you never know who you’re going to influence. So it doesn’t really matter what you do. It doesn’t matter what your job is as much as it matters how you can influence people as you’re doing your job.

Marilyn: Yeah, you know, so many people say, “Well, I don’t have a spiritual job.” Every job is a spiritual job. It’s like, “Well, how can I influence people in the job that I have now? I’m in a little cubicle.” You know, you make the most of your little cubicle, and on the way to work, and on the way out of work, and with everybody you talk to while you’re at work. They’re in your sphere of influence and they are sharing your field.

So, if you’ve been to a Kryon event, you might have seen all those metronomes clicking and joining into themselves. If not, then come to a Kryon event so you can see them. And if you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about, come to a Kryon event. You’ll see it. And then what you see is how much your field embodies other people’s field.

And the guy in the airport that was singing, I mean, he was just doing this song, and I stopped and listened to him. Joeaux stopped and listened to him. It just made him so happy. We were so happy, and the people around us then got happy. Instead of thinking, “Oh, I’m lugging my luggage through the airport.” You know, you have the choice to be happy wherever you are, and that sphere of influence expands with your own joy, right?

Joeaux: Yeah, and so the next time that you’re doing your job, whatever it is, think about our little friend at the baggage claim in Toronto and how impactful he was with everybody that he encountered, whether they realized it or not.

Marilyn: Yes.

Namaste y’all,


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2 thoughts on “Sphere of Influence

  1. Maria Kiiskinen says:

    Such a lovely guy and such a lovely way to meet people, we need more people like this <3 !

  2. Lindsay says:

    So true! The Universe orchestrates thing and delivers whatever it is that is next on your journey home, right where you are. There is no need to be in another place. Life is coming toward you, relax and accept whatever opportunities come to you.

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