Spirit Fire Dancer


Spirit Fire Dancer

Hi…it’s Marilyn and Joeaux here. We just got back this week from a sacred spot nestled between Santa Fe, NM and Albuquerque. We had a very special, yet unexpected, visitor at the Visionaries in Light Convergence on the first night — a spirit fire dancer (or at least that’s what we’ve been calling it). A few of us caught it on our digital cameras, so we wanted to share a spectacular video of the spirit fire dancer with you!

Releasing Expectations

On Friday night, October 4th, we all gathered around a bonfire at the Tamaya Resort where the Convergence was held. In this video, you see us picking up small pieces of paper and tossing them back into the fire.

We asked everyone to write down any expectations they wanted to let go of, or anything they wanted to release that no longer serves. We set our intention with “I am willing and I choose to release…” and the group wrote down things like negativity, judgement, fear, limitations, old baggage, control, unworthiness, and more. Then we each tossed them into the fire.

Powerful Drum Circle

Three Trees led us in a drum circle. Do you know why we were drumming? Drumming (in fact, any repetitive motion) raises your vibration. We all joined together in vibrating the drum of what we were building throughout the Convergence…choosing individually who each of us wanted to be. We’re all really thankful for this amazing experience and for the guest appearance of our spirit fire dancer. What a powerful healing ceremony this was for all involved!


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