A Little More Spiritual Coaching Around Family (Part 1)

Spiritual Messages Family Portrait

Spiritual Coaching for February… Family and Love

Watch Marilyn on this l-o-v-e spiritual coaching message as she talks about just how important our family is…

Valentine’s Day is in February, which makes this the month of L-O-V-E. Not only can you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant one, you can also celebrate it with your family – all month long.

The Importance of Family (Part 1)

Dearest Ones,

So here I sit at my mother’s house for our ‘mystical moment’. You know, families are so fascinating. Our families are given to us. Well, we actually choose our families. I know, some of you are probably thinking, “Oh my gosh! Can I make a different choice?” Well, we choose our families to help us evolve. We choose our families to help trigger whatever is our next step to be triggered so we can move beyond that next step.

We choose our families to help us evolve.” ~ Marilyn (Tweet this!)

As I sit at my mother’s, in front of all the pictures of all the grandkids, and some of my brothers and sister, it’s kind of a daunting thought to think that I came from a family of seven people: two parents and five children. We’re all so completely different. Every one of us has different ideas, different goals, different feelings, different emotions, different religious beliefs, different spiritual beliefs. And yet, it is my job as a spiritual teacher to move beyond all of our differences and love our families, your families, my families, right smack-dab where they are today.

I’m from Kansas, they say things like, “Smack-dab” in the middle of something.

So – here’s the deal… Contact your family!

I’m choosing to contact my family either by mail, text, email, or maybe call my brothers. My sister passed away in 1994, so I’ll contact her in a different way. But I ask you to contact your family. Just say “thank you,” that’s it, just “thank you.” If you don’t feel comfortable calling, writing them, just contact them over-soul-to-over soul. And just say “thank you” for helping you be you.

Namaste y’all,


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