Spiritual Coaching Message II: The Importance of Family


Spiritual Coaching Message II

Continued from The Importance of Family, Part I

In the prior segment, Marilyn discussed how family affects each of us individually, even later in life. In this video, Marilyn dives a little deeper around the importance of your family.

The Importance of Family (Part II)

Dearest Ones,

Yes, I’m still here at my mother’s house. She is truly an inspiration to all who encounter her. She’s 94 years old. She drives herself. She is president of her program committee at her Church. She’s acknowledging all things about herself and others for the gratefulness that she’s still alive. She says she’s reached middle age now, and she still has lots of things to do. She is an inspiration to each of us.

Know that everything that happens in your life is a part of the Divine Order ~ Marilyn Harper (Tweet this!)

She has pain in her back, and she’s been around me enough to know to ask herself, “what does this pain in my back mean? Is it a need for emotional support?” She feels emotionally supported by me and her friends here. Is it financial support? (That’s the lower back.) That’s where her pain is. She knows she’s on a fixed income. She doesn’t want for anything but she knows she gets to be a little bit frugal with her money.

So even at 94, she’s still looking for the higher, or the metaphysical reason why she has discomfort.

Do you have any physical discomfort? Do you have any emotional discomfort? Do you have challenges in your life that happen over and over and over? If you do, the reason you do is based upon some sort of emotional program that you have running on within you. So look at that. See what that could mean. If you have trouble, give me a call.

Know that everything that happens in your life is a part of the Divine Order. Let’s look at the signs and symbols around us, and within us, that are a part of our ever evolving growth.

Have a great day!

Namaste y’all,


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