Ending Cycles in Your Life is Pure Spiritual Empowerment

Spiritual Empowerment Ending Cycles

A Word on Spiritual Empowerment…

It’s the third week of 2016, and this video from Marilyn and Adironnda takes a look at another form of spiritual empowerment. In the first two weeks, Marilyn illuminated how to be irresistible, and how to persevere through anything.

This week’s video is about how to end cycles in your life. Marilyn guides you in choosing which cycles to end, and how to turn them into positive aspects of your life. Watch the video to learn more now.

How to End Cycles in your life?

Dearest Ones,

So this is good day to you!

As you have seen from “the vessel,” Marilyn’s interesting energy in the first two segments here. This is something new. Everything is new and different in the year 2016. You are ending the cycles. What cycles are you choosing to end? You are shifting beyond your own self. You are shifting into your new presence, which is actually much truer to be you than it has before.

The language of light comes only from the depths of your soul. Be still and hear, feel and experience your essence rising to the surface. ~Adironnda

Which cycles to end this year?

You see dearest, it is truly about you. It is truly about your energy that you are acknowledging.

So what is it that you would choose to end this year so you can indeed begin a new?

We started with positivity when we brought the card to “the vessel,” Marilyn. Be aware of your language, it creates your environment.

We moved forward through perseverance. You see your energy is about achieving whatever is your heart’s desire. But we ask you, what are you willing to do for that? What are you willing to shift for it? What are you willing to ignite for that?

We know you have the talent. We know you have the ability to leap forward into your life. Now is the time. Set forth your plan. Set forth your energy.

Bring in your message for illumination. What is your message for illumination? What is it that you are lighting up in your world? That is our question.

How to begin new cycles in your life?

You are lighting up your life. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

  • Start with meditation, sitting in the stillness a few moments every day will indeed shift your world.
  • Be aware of the action that you are taking and focus that intention on right action.
  • Be aware of right speech. Right communication. How are you speaking to others? How are you communicating that which is in your heart’s desire?

On the 1/1, the message with the Master Randy Luna, we expressed to you the ability to rewire your consciousness so you will have exactly the right words to say at exactly the right time.

Ignite that, dearest one, that is our message to you today. Right action, right communication. It is power-filled, just as you are.



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2 thoughts on “Ending Cycles in Your Life is Pure Spiritual Empowerment

  1. Shirley Karen says:

    Wow!!Thank-you Marilyn with Randy….that meditation has saored me to greater heights….I feel profound peace & overwhelming Gratitude……Many Blessings…
    From Paris/France.

  2. Michelle says:

    I love the messages each week and this week is especially awakening. I can feel the doors closing on so many things and new doors coming into view. My barrier is trusting in myself to make the best decisions and to stay true to the path that I want. The cool thing is seeing my visions coming into clearer view each day without the “how” being in there too.
    Love to all

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