Spiritual Enlightenment Request: Could I Ask You A Favor?

Direct from the cosmic desk of Adironnda a spiritual enlightenment request…

We know it is not necessary, but it is a nice thing to do for yourself and for the planet you live on, AND for the people on the planet. This is a favor we have asked hundreds, maybe even thousands of times for over the years.

We don’t know how many are actually aware of it, but who cares! All We really care about is You! So here goes, it is a biggie, so take a deep breath in preparation… We know you feel better all ready. Each day at 11:11 AM focus for a minute or so on love, just love.

Send love from you and through you to all things – the planet, the people, the life sustaining plants, the animals that live here and show us metaphorically how to live. If need be, you can visualize the White Iridescent Light of love flowing to each and every thing, cell & atom on the planet (and beyond, of course).

Just like your body temple, in the particular dimension you are living in, you only have one Earth, like you only have one body. Treat it well. Think of it often. Have an Earth Party… Have a Body Party. Celebrate the Earth, Celebrate You. After all, the sequence of 11 11 or 111 “is an instant snapshot of your thoughts to the Universe.”
We said that before the Vessel had heard of Doreen Virtue, but Doreen wrote about it in her book so we definitely want to give her credit.
So Marilyn, go ahead, set your alarm to remind you what to do at 11:11. Try it, you might like it. Of course, I love you always whether you remember at 11:11 or not.

In Light, ~Adironnda


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4 thoughts on “Spiritual Enlightenment Request: Could I Ask You A Favor?

  1. Jane Tindall says:

    I read this post a couple of weeks ago, but confess to forgetting (I’m blaming it on age). Twice this week I glanced at the clock at exactly 11:11….and wondered what the message in that was. Now I know…and thank you for whoever it was that reminded me.
    Much love, Jane

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