Upcoming Spiritual Events

Sometimes, we travel the planet and bring people to special, sacred places where they can pick up an aspect of their soul. Other times, we bring the world together online to assist one another in experiencing Spirituality and our own Divine awakening.

Quantum Living

Quantum Living

Creating Synchronicities

Creating Synchronicities

How to Channel
Even If (You Think) You Can't

The Double Digit Monthly Activation

InnerActive Weekend with Lee Carroll

Kryon Egypt Epic Journey

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Why Go To A Spiritual Event?

Why would it be necessary to see Marilyn and Joeaux and Adironnda up close and personal? You can see from the pictures above that Marilyn and Joeaux are hosting many spiritual events this year and into the next.

  • Reason 1: To experience a different setting. In everyday life there are constant interferences and distractions. A different setting allows focus without the usual interruptions.
  • Reason 2: To experience a unique environment. The location in Mount Ida allows the unique experience of swimming in Crystal Waters—literally in crystals. Be rejuvenated. In Crestone, the environment is nearly silent. Cell phones are turned off in a chance to experience the inner stillness unencumbered by cell phone distractions. Be reborn.
  • Reason 3: No recording edits. The Adironnda material is available for listening and download on this website, but it is edited. The full on unedited experience is only available to those that attend these spiritual events. Although future listeners to the recordings will receive messages, those in attendance determine, just by their presences, the specific messages that come in.
  • Reason 4: Activation and connection. Being in the same physical space with Marilyn and Joeaux allows one’s own activation to take place, and as Joeaux told me once, “everyone was channeling” during the events. And as you know the only thing better than receiving a message from Adironnda is receiving the message yourself from your own connection to source.

So explore the website with all the riches Marilyn and Joeaux give freely, sign up for their Weekly Messages, which they create with every week with a message for you. Then experience a free Double Digit session. The double digit occurs monthly when the day digit matches the month digit. Adironnda has stated that this day a special magic. The Double Digit Monthly Activation is an online spiritual event you will thoroughly enjoy from your own home. Then when the timing is right and the synchronicity is in your favor, join us for an adventure that can only be experienced live and in the moment.

Past Spiritual Events