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Spiritual Healing Quotes 2016

December 2016

“Find your spiritual balance to remove blockages in you” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)

spiritual healing quotes

November 2016

“I am willing to heal and release whatever this feeling is. I am willing.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“If you have trouble laughing, record the first part of this message and play it back to yourself. Often” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)

October 2016

“No matter what things look like on the outside, you’re still the light” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Clutter builds blockages within you. Tweet this to your friends!” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)

August 2016

“How can you allow your “Play” energy to come into your work?” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Laughing at the expense of others create a little Nick on your soul.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)

June 2016

“When you’re seeing the possibilities, you are a part of the solution” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)

May 2016

“We do not inherit disease” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Why clearing your mind is important?” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“What it means to be in an Awakened State of Love with your friends!” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


April 2016

“God blessed us with free will. Why not use that to choose happiness” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)

March 2016

“Trust yourself to stay in your power” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Having a brighter day is your choice.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Understand that the frequency within which you are presenting yourself into the world, is a reflection of your family as well” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Know that everything that happens in your life is a part of the Divine Order ~” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)

February 2016

“We choose our families to help us evolve.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)

January 2016

“Paddle your way to the ends of the earth to achieve your joy.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)

Spiritual Healing Quotes 2014

August 2014

“Illusion is a creation of your own mind.” ~Master Yeshua From the 8/8/2014 Double Digit (Click to Tweet)


July 2014

“Say Yes to your own genius and honor it.” ~ Master Yeshua (Click to Tweet)


“Each of you are a sacred gift to humanity.” ~ Master Yeshua (Click to Tweet)


“When I connected with the energy for this month, all I heard was children laughing… and Master Yeshua.”~ Marilyn (Click to Tweet)


“What does it mean to have this planet beginning again, igniting a new force of existence?” ~Master Yeshua (Click to Tweet)


June 2014

“Be you, see you, express you, breathe into your heart, feel the you-ness radiating from your heart. Then begin again.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“The language of light comes from the depths of your soul. Be still and hear, feel your essence rising to the surface.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Your sacred life design is always unfolding before you. Simply breathe into the present moment and then the revealing will occur.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Practice more stillness. You see dearest one in the stillness is the concerto of your life.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Your theme song plays constantly in your soul. Be still and listen” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“You are the creator of your own universe. When you focus on the juicy, that will come closer to the results of your focus.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“‘What does it mean to have this planet beginning again, igniting a new force of existence?” ~Master Yeshua”(Click to Tweet)


“Honor differences. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“If all the threads of all the pieces of cloth were the same there would be no distinction. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“Love others AS you love yourself. I do not know why the part of loving yourself seems to have been forgotten. ~Master Yeshua”(Click to Tweet)


“Do not try and convince others of your beliefs. Truth is a matter of perspective. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“We ask that you love yourself as I love you. And we ask that we love others as I love you as well. ~MasterYeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“Trust that Divine Order is in process and you can rest, deeply. if you are not resting, there is doubt. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“When things unlike joy come up, as they will, breathe into them and see the Divine in them as well. ~Master Yeshua”(Click to Tweet)


“I am in the heart of each person you encounter. When you realize that fact, there can be peace. ~Master Yeshua”(Click to Tweet)


“Meditate daily, send love to the leaders of this planet. Feel the desired outcome. At 11:11 AM, every day. ~Master Yeshua”(Click to Tweet)


“Feel for the leaders of the planet to honor their differences & see with compassion the many paths to holiness. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“Activate the Genius Code of the leaders, as we activate yours. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


May 2014


“I am a teacher. You may have attempted to make me your savior. I would rather teach you to save your self. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“That Divine Love is what your infinite potentiality is made of. It is your Genius Code. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“All things are possible. Who taught u that u were somehow separate from the Divine of All Divine? Forgive them. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“We said Ask and it is given. Knock and the door will be opened. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“Go out and play, laugh at anything that floats your way. You are the one who is in charge of that you know.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“You may think surrender means weakness or defeat. It is really about lowering your resistance, so you can glide with ease.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Because by “thinking you know,” you limit the energy of wisdom.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Breathe into the magnificence that is you. That is where the power is.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“We are here to remind you of your magnificence. You are the most wonderful, fun, exciting, loving being we know.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Yes, stillness is a wonderful gift. ” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Imagine, each time your feet touch the earth, Mother Gaia is imparting a bit of wisdom within you. ~ Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“We ask you to look where you are standing now, that is also holy ground because you are there. ~ Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“You see I refer to me at times as an Us, because I am you and you are me and together we are one together.~ Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“You are the light in the center, illuminating all things you touch. ~Master Yeshua” (Click to Tweet)


“If we send all people love, eventually some of it will slip inside.”~ Master Yeshua (Click to Tweet)


“Where you stand is holy ground. Because you’re standing there.”~ Adironnda and Company (Click to Tweet)


April 2014

“Surrender is about lowering your resistance, so you can glide with ease, grace, love & compassion… Surrender to that.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“When you say “I know that,” that’s probably something you REALLY could learn. By “thinking you know,” you limit the energy.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Loving, loved, giggly, gorgeous, vivacious, profound, prolific, wise, goofy… That IS you! Breathe into you magnificence.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“When you allow your awareness to just be present, connecting your breathing, good things just start floating up to the surface.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Breathe in, the intuition, the energy , throat, heart, back – expands. Everything ripples out to create the focus in this world.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“You see, you never know how far-reaching your intention is. Breathe into that.That is the seat of your soul.”~Mother Mary(Click to Tweet)


“For the next 21 days, we ask you every day to do something to nurture who you are.”~Mother Mary (Click to Tweet)


“We are asking you only to be who you are, and to eliminate anything that separates you from that true essence.” ~Mother Mary (Click to Tweet)


“What you are doing now is you are in the process of giving birth to a new planet.” ~Mother Mary (Click to Tweet)


“Feeling the Flow of your life, then connecting that to the flowing tide of the ocean. That is a powerful, powerful energy.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Ask – Was this a ‘sign’ from my higherself, or my ego? If you hear hysterical laughter, you get to look for another sign.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Never mind asking, “What if my boat doesn’t go in the right direction?” If you are in Flow, it will go in the right direction.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“On this Blood Moon, let us gather our non-sensicle fears and toss them in a bottomless barrel to be lost forever.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“When you sing, dance, laugh, play, or skip though the park, you are actually being more present than you thought possible.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“‘Smile with your heart.’ Subscribe here:” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“When u do something u love, u feel better about urself and ur place in the world. “Shift & the world around u shifts, too.'” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Look upon everyone you meet as a Holy Person, and you will be happy”.~Adironnda requotes the Holy Man (Click to Tweet)


“Shift and the world around you shifts. Try it, you’ll like it.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Sit in the stillness daily. The rejuvenating effects of stillness can restart your peace gene better than another cup of coffee.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“YOU are such an amazing being, life flows through you with brilliance. Get out in the world and share you.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Things seem difficult? Simply stop. Feel Source wrapping you in love & open your heart. All will pass.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Water has amazing power. Imagine that, and you are 75% water, dearest one. What a force of nature you are.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“What is your vision of this world and how are you helping?” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Wisdom from a higher source is just that, wisdom. Wisdom from within you is that as well.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Let your mind relax into the silence so you can actually hear your Soul speaking.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


March 2014


“It is time to allow your formless presence to come to the surface and be formed.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“There is great strength in community. It will bring the unity into your heart.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“‘Listen’ is the word ‘Silent’, with the letters just mixed around a bit. Each is a learning experience.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Presence is now, within, outside and all things.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“It is time to help the ego feel safe enough to truly embrace your essence.” ~Kate Guendling” (Click to Tweet)


“The silence is your friend; the answers are within.” (Click to Tweet)


“You teach others what you need to know.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Still, I smiled inside my diver’s mask and thought, “I have gazed eye to eye with a dolphin. Does it get any better than this?” ~Marilyn Harper (Click to Tweet)

Through breath, you can use your body to relax your mind. Through breath, you can use your mind to relax your body. ~Sheila Key (Click to Tweet)


“To receive your guidance, it is time to be quiet and listen. The inner voice of Source may be quieter than you think.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Your personal GPS will bring you to your eventual destination. We remind you, still, not much happens until you take action.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Guidance + Passion = Success. What are you passionate about? That is where your success resides. ” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Yes, the Universe just says YES! (No matter what you think, Yes, is still the answer)” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“If you don’t know where you are starting, how can you get to where you are going? ” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Move forward into the Basics.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“It is now “be” day. Yes, just be. That is all, BE. Get Dailymessages:” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Do not let creating a plan stop you. If that plan seems too massive, think of the simplicity of the flower and just blossom. ” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Be like a flower: open to ur own awakened energy. Do what comes naturally, enjoy the process of motion and then just BE.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Move, pat, love-on, wiggle, dance, play… with movement, new programs slide easily into your cellular system.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Dance your ‘but’ off’ or at least wiggle a few but’s out of your conversation.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


February 2014


“We want to help you get rid of your ”but.” Not to be confused with your ‘butt.’ We like that part of you.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“We do Brain-Blithering quite well if you are exploring new ways. (Click to Tweet)


“17th Dimensional Living Retreat in Kauai – is the ultimate HeartStorm in Paradise.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“It’s amazing how easy it is to connect with your Higher Self – – – when you can get yourself out of the way.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Remember the messengers are not the message.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“The feelings that u interpret that don’t feel great are not really U. They r simply some old imprint of long ago.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Presence is presence in any time frame, yet the present moment of yesterday is no longer here.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Yes, it is a different world every day. Let go of your expectations and watch the adventure of your life unfold.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“When you rest, just know that you also “re-set” your life.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Remember Dearest One; anything that separates you from being present is simply distraction.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Here is not there, though “there” contains the “here”. Truly changes the perspective with one tiny letter. ” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“What tiny shift can you make in your home that metaphorically represents some aspect of your life?” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“As you use 95% of your brain it will make it easier to learn and receive all that is necessary…” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Remember, things may not always be as they seem.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Hooray for the good stuff!” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Breath, exhale & ask for your old stuff to b gone. KNOW that it is. Then, shift your old “habit” of bringing it back…” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“You were designed to live the life you love.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


January 2014


“S-U-C-C-E-S-S. It is yours, just say it with rhythm.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“If you desire a little nudging we will be happy to lean gently in so it might seem like a nudge.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“A growing, thriving community of people u can depend upon, love on & be a part of – everyone should have that!” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“It is good day 2 u. Saying that helps to pop open ur heart 2 receive the wisdom that is already there.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“We absolutely love the fact that you are here with us no matter where WE are. Lucky us.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“If you could have anything in the whole wide Universe what would it be?” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“We remind you that each time you hide your light, you also hide a little part of Us that is within you.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Affirm what u want out of life on our FaceBook page & we’ll shoot it the juice: ” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Give your INtention the AHHtention.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“As you are focusing your feelings and thoughts… that is what you are creating.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Right now, the intention that you create is expanding… Anything that pulls you away is counter – that is distraction.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Bringing in the Light, We shall go rejoicing, Bringing in the LIGHT. (Sing-a-long. You pick the tune.)” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“You see Dearest One, whatever you think, whatever you feel, therefore you are.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Simply …Be, be the wonderful, wonder-filled being you are. That is it today, just Be.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Yes, it is simple, Sweet One, Feel wonder-filled feelings.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“We remind you that this present moment is the most important time that can be.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“History is everywhere. Learn from the past, yet We ask you to stay in the present moment.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Hang on, Dearest One… and find your path of least resistance.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“We ask you to move each day, one thing you can do is give a little chuckle or even a big belly laugh.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Remember, life is only as fun as you allow it to be.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“We will remind you again, as we have many years prior… today – January 1st, sets the pace for the New Year.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


December 2013 Quotes


“Flow, flow, flow your boat… gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily – life is but a dream.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Are u the solution or problem? When ur thoughts go 2 what’s wrong, that’s the energy in your life. B present. B the solution.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“What niggling intuitive thoughts are coming to you? Awareness and listening are the keys.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Clear space in ur home is like clear space in ur mind. It allows room to b still and allow interesting things to arrive.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Time to take an intermission from all your doing-ness…” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“A little ‘triggering’ going on? breathe into it and know that u are evolving beyond it for your own ascension.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“EVERY DAY, EVERY MOMENT, just let go of the old! Smile, laugh, breathe, then smile and laugh some more!” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


November 2013


“Just a gentle reminder that sometimes it is good to take an intermission from the ‘doing’ part of your brain.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Do u ‘do’ because it is the ‘right’ thing 2 do? Just B the ‘right’ thing, the rest will take care of itself..” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“We are in humble honor of your presence at our “gratigiving” dinner table, it almost brings a tear to our eye.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Flow, flow, flow your boat… gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily – life is but a dream” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“Overwhelmed? Breathe; Repeat; Ask: what’s next to do, say or know to be in Divine Grace; Do that!” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“What niggling intuitive thoughts are coming to you? Awareness and listening are the keys.” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)


“What niggling intuitive thoughts are coming to you? Awareness and listening are the keys. ” ~Adironnda (Click to Tweet)



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