Our Spiritual Heart Pendant is Designed Exclusively by Adironnda

Our Radiant Heart Pendant now has matching earrings!

Scroll down to watch this video and learn the deeper symbolism of the Radiant Heart Pendant:

The beautiful radiant spiritual heart pendant and earrings designed by Adironnda, created in sterling silver has several symbolic messages. That is why the ladies who wear them seldom take them off.

Here’s what Adironnda had in mind when they designed this:

  • The Radiant Heart as 17 rays extending to represent the 17th dimension that is the original home of Adironnda
  • Each ray has a divider to remind you that you and your Higher Self are always connected.
  • The heart has no sharp points to help take the sharp pain out of love.
  • It has an open heart to remind you to always keep your heart open to receive.
  • It is reflective and assists in the understanding that you are a reflection to all people encountered and even more importantly, that those around in your environment are a reflection of you.

Those that wear the pendant usually wear it over their “high heart” with either an 18″ or 20″ chain. Those that wear it say they can feel a shift in their energy immediately. Because the pendant was so popular we have created, new this year, matching earrings. They are brand-new in 2015. They have the same pendant design, only smaller, of course. They are made in beautiful sterling silver with a short chain dropping down from a french hook and a smaller version of the Radiant Heart Pendant. The heart design on the pendant is just a bit smaller than a dime.

One might ask why it is important to wear sacred or spiritual jewelry:

  • First, it just makes you feel better.
  • Secondly, it raises your vibration.
  • Thirdly, with the energy of the jewelry, it radiates an intention of peace or love throughout your environment.

Anytime you wear anything that raises your vibration, it seems others around you sense or feel that energy. Sometimes it make others wonder, “What in the world is up with you?” or “Why do you always seem so happy with so much turmoil in the world?” Sometimes it simply make you, the wearer, feel better, and quite frankly, I think it is important to do anything we can, during these times of change, to help keep our energy balanced and peaceful. Plus wearing the pendant seems to help keep our vibration high and more joyful.

Have you ever noticed that when you wear certain colors, or jewelry that others seem to take notice of the color or the pendant? That is exactly what I am talking about. Adironnda always says “Shift and the world around you shifts.” I know this to be true. When I am balanced and joyful, others start shifting their energy to accommodate that. When I am tired and cranky … well, the same holds true. You get the picture right?

Most everything Adironnda & the Council of Light asks us to create, the Cobalt Blue Bottles, guided meditation CDs, even specific workshops, all carry a higher vibration and symbolism that help the people on this planet shift for the better.

We are so excited to finally have earrings to go along with our Radiant Heart Pendant that I just had to share this little video with you. Please feel free to share it with your friends. Or learn more about the Radiant Heart Pendant.

Blessings in love, light and laughter,
Marilyn Harper

P.S. I love to hear from you. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.


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One thought on “Our Spiritual Heart Pendant is Designed Exclusively by Adironnda

  1. La Dena M Wise says:

    I just discovered your website, after meeting you about 16 years ago. I still (24/7) wear my silver heart, heaven on earth pendant from Bryan Deflores of Sedona. I thought you might have one, also. I would like to know about obtaining the Radiant Heart from you, but I never wear earrings (no extra holes in my head). I sent a message, and send you cosmic best wishes. Namaste

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