Spiritual Laughter

Spiritual Laughter

Do you know what I’m laughing at? Neither do I.

You know, before I began, I thought I would like to do a weekly message on healing, and I’ve been preparing for the holographic healing course that we have coming up again in January. And as I started, I was working on the visualization of what it might take to heal within the body. Just one tiny thing and it was like nothing came up except laughter.

Spiritual Laughter with Marilyn Harper

I hope you laughed a little with me.

What that did was that exercised your lungs. It got a little energy moving. It exercised your face.

Laughing has Lot of Good Effects for You

You know it takes fewer muscles to laugh than…in your face…than it does to frown? It takes, like, 14 muscles to laugh and 72 muscles to frown or something, you know. Either that or the opposite, you know? I don’t know, but you have less wrinkles when you laugh. Or if nothing else, all your wrinkles go up.

Laugh as much as Possible

Today, I would like you to laugh as much as possible. This week, see the humor in all aspects of your life. See the humor in the ironic places that you go. See the humor in your own situation. Understand that laughter, to coin a phrase, is really the best medicine.

If you have trouble laughing, record the first part of this message and play it back to yourself. Often!

I love you all.

Namastè Y’all!

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