Spiritual Lessons From Netflix

Spiritual Lessons From Netflix

Because You Watched This

Hello. You never really know where you’re going to find your spiritual lesson, spiritual information, or your spiritual connection. It will be anywhere. I found this book, A Course in Miracles Experiment, by Pam Grout. I would like to read it to you. Spiritual lessons from Netflix. Are you a Netflix watcher? The only thing you really want from life is to feel enthusiasm, joy, and love. If you can feel that all of the time, then who cares what happens outside? That was by Michael Singer.

If you have Netflix, she says you’ll notice that a category called Because You Watched This lists all the movies or TV shows, or documentaries that fall into the same genre. Netflix assumes you’d appreciate these offerings because, well, they’re quite similar. But, of course, you all know that, right? Likewise, Amazon does the same thing. It recommends books and products related to items you have bought or even items you have reviewed recently.

I know sometimes it feels a little like big brother is watching, and if you’re younger than 40, you probably don’t know what that means unless you listen to George Orwell or have read any of George Orwell’s books. I digress. Okay, back to the book. This is exactly how the universe works. Remember how Netflix picks the categories, and that you watch a movie, and then these are movies that you might like because you watch this movie, and Amazon does the same thing. So I just wanted to make sure that you knew that.

Universe Listens

The universe continuously sends people, ideas, and events that mirror the frequency you emit, the channel you have chosen to speak to your life. It doesn’t charge for these gifts that match what you previously selected, but it also doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t judge or doubt that what you’ve chosen in the past is what you still want. It doesn’t even think, “Well, her parents and our culture obviously had it wrong, so I’m going to send her all kinds of different stuff.” No, that’s not what the universe does. No, it sends an exact match.

In the A Course in Miracles Experiment, Lesson 223, you can look it up. I’m sure you’ll have the book. Lesson 223 asked me to subscribe to the Dude’s, or God’s watch list, to let its wisdom pick the features in my life. Its lineup provides a day of countless gifts and mercies. That was so huge for me. So I wanted to share that with you. Believe it or not, yesterday, I got my buttons pushed a little bit. Of course, they are pushed by my best messenger, my best friend, because that’s what best friends are for or business partners, or maybe they’re the same.

Matching Your Energy

But the universe, God, source, whatever you want to call that energy, Barbara, will only send out a match to what it is that you’re emitting that you want to receive. So when you get your buttons pushed, it’s not about the other person. It’s about you. What is it that you’re emitting? What is it that you’re putting out there? Does the Netflix of the universe match your energy? So when you open up Netflix, and you see Because You Watch This, and you think, “Oh, I would never watch that.” Well, obviously, you did at some point.

The moral of the story is that the energy you put out is what will come back to you and what you’re expecting the universe to provide. Do you know what I’ve discovered? I’ve discovered that if I’m not feeling good about myself, then the universe, God, source will bring me people into my life that will actually reinforce my feelings about myself.

Well, how does that serve? Well, you actually get the opportunity to rearrange the way you’re thinking about yourself. Then the universe will send you reinforcements for that energy. It’s like Netflix, what you previously watched. So shift you’re thinking about yourself or what you’re looking for in the world or what you’re expecting in the world, and then the universe will match that energy. Got it? Okay. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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