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January 27 – 29, 2012, Phoenix, AZ
February 24 – 26, Carlsbad, CA
March 16 – 18, Oklahoma City, OK
April 20 – 22, Branson, MO
June 29 – July 1, Seattle, WA


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Laugh, cry, reflect and heal within the safety and anonymity of like minded individuals. Let go and transform your life into a place of joy. You’ll learn to trust living with your true, authentic self and love the life you live, today. Experience the Akashic Records and get messages directly from your soul. Rid yourself of cellular “programs” that no longer serve your greater good.

“I actually feel I’m on a path now that this workshop has helped to bring clarity, understanding, and joyful surprises to my life.”
– Rebecca

“I had pain in my hands and in my foot, and in my hip while I slept – before I came here. It’s all been gone since I’ve been here. This retreat was a lot of fun and a lot of joy.” – Kim

“Marilyn has humor! She’s delightful when it comes to getting into the serious things, she holds that sacred and I just love going to any of her retreats.” – Mir i’am

You’ll revisit events from your ancient past or from you future that will help you to understand your cellular memories and, through conscious illumination, transform anything that seems to separate you from Source.


  • 2 Full Days
  • Group Channeling with Adironnda and Company
  • Continental breakfasts and lunches for both days are included


  • Drumming circle
  • Healing through vibrational, dimensional, and Quantum Touch
  • Guided meditations and transformational visioning
  • Reiki and Channeling

Healing from the inside out allows you to acknowledge and accept your vision of who you are and expand yourself into your own infinite potential. Expand your intutitive awareness and get ready for “Your Next Step.”

BOOK NOW! Space still available!
$199* per person, includes continental breakfasts and lunches.
*If booked 30 days in advance, $299 otherwise


Join Marilyn Harper and Adironnda & Company!
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Nancy – “This has been a magnificent weekend, coming together with like-minded people, with Marilyn and her sense of humor (that Adironnda) brings to the retreat has just been an awesome experience.”

Jill – “Marilyn is such a loving light, a great facilitator and so very humble and she has made us all feel very wonderful.”

Mary – “I’ve enjoyed this retreat so much! Marilyn is amazing! I’ve gotten so many connections, being a part of this beautiful experience, I can’t even begin to describe what it’s done for me, having Marilyn and Adironnda in my life.”

Terry – “Marilyn Harper is a great effervescent that I just resonate to – for me to go into my next right step. I find her sparkly. I believe that Adironnda and council provide a depth and insight that we each need, that we can take to others along the way.”

Pat – “I have just so much enjoyed this retreat. The drumming was very healing – you could feel it go into the cells of your body. I definitely feel I’ve been lifted up and out of my body. I’m not sure when I’ll be back in my body, it’s been such a cleansing experience.”

Dawn – “I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful healing experience… the camaraderie, the healing that takes place, it’s wonderful. I recommend it to anyone that needs to heal.”