Branson, MO March 2011

Verrado, AZ January 2011

Siloam Springs, AR March 2010

“This is the highest level workshop I have ever attended. Part of that is beacuse all the guidellines for interacting with each other were clearly defined in the beginning. This allowed many very deep issues to come up in a safe and secure environment.” — Carlsbad, CA

“1. Fulfilling to the soul. 2. Deepening love. 3. Peace of mind, soul & body. 4. Loving connections. 5. Deeply appreciative. 6. Permission from my soul to move onto higher ground. 7. Joy fills my soul (Joeaux does also!) 8. Better understanding of who I am. 9. Loving who and what I am and my purpose. 10. Loving the weekend but knowing my life has changed different than when I arrived.” – Carlsbad, CA

“What a joy being with such beautiful, vibrant people. Everyone here is so adventurous, so willing to show their soul. I felt so honored. There is so much more to this retreat than I can put into words.” – Carlsbad, CA

“Many changes took place that I am not even fully aware of yet. I can feel in my body that shifts have occurred… Adironnda is the real deal and gently guides us to be more authentic to who we really are. Marilyn makes the weekend uniquely fun and full of joy. The participants all felt like family.” – Carlsbad, CA

“Enlightening and wonderful sea of energy providing a safe space to grow and release and then grow some more…” – Carlsbad, CA

“The environment allowed for a tremendous opportunity for insight and growth. Each activity… was Divinely perfect with its on-the-money accuracy. Such synchronicity cannot be planned. This workshop is highly recommended” – Carlsbad, CA

“Thank you for holding a safe, supportive space for me!” – Carlsbad, CA

“I liked the organized nature of the flow of events. Although there were planned activities it seemed like if more focus was needed to be given to one thing, it was allowable and relaxed.” – St. Louis, MO

“Enjoyed the fellowship, connectedness of the group. ‘Felt that the 2nd time doing retreat helps you go even deeper.” – St. Louis, MO

“This retreat was awesome! (2nd time attending) was much more relaxed for me and allowed me to go deeper with more confidence… I feel a sense of peacefulness that I didn’t have when I came to the retreat.” – St. Louis, MO

“It (the retreat) has reinforced my love for myself.” – St. Louis, MO

“The energy work is priceless… ” – St. Louis, MO

“I loved the cleansing exercise for ailments – – – Snap it out. Tap it in. Great exercises to manifest positive thoughts” – – St. Louis, MO



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