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Nearly Silent Retreat

  • WHO: YOU. Supported by people just like you, and Adironnda & Companysilent retreats
  • WHAT: 3 days of silence – with minimal, organized verbal communication.
  • WHEN: Arrive Thursday, April 4, 2013 and depart Sunday Morning, April 7, 2013.
  • WHERE: Big Spring Lodge and Cabins – Van Buren, MO. MAP>
    • Natural, beautiful, scenic Southern Missouri on the Current River.
  • WHY: To break away from the sounds of daily life and experience your inner voice.
    • Full Price to be determined by Jan. 1, 2013
    • All inclusive
    • $100 deposit will hold your spot
  • TO REGISTER: Call (417) 860-5432 or email

silent retreatsSilence is rejuvenating. The world is a noisy place, a barrage of thousands of invading sounds, visuals, interruptions, demands. Electronics in your physical field everywhere, daily: television, phones, music, even sounds such as dogs barking, balls bouncing, cars screeching can all take a toll on you. Very few people make daily time for silence. Yet, the rewards are huge! It’s like cleaning out between your ears. It’s a mental spa.

When in retreat with others something magical and mystical happens. A synergy of the group takes place and new-found enlightenment is discovered. Silence allows us to enjoy a time of personal contemplation. Silence provides hiatus for golden moments with yourself. Silence provides a place for reflection, integration, and answers to come from within. Intentional silence allows us to watch our patterns and reflect upon their illumined lessons.

What are the benefits of silence?

  • You’ll be able to hear yourself think.
  • You’ll be acutely aware of the voice of Source/God.
  • You’ll begin to understand your triggers.
  • You’ll integrate those triggers.
  • You’ll blend all of the above into awareness of your own self.
  • You may quite possibly discover things about yourself, long lost.
  • You’ll emerge feeling years younger and “pounds” lighter.

silent retreatOnce the burden of speech is lifted, all the mind clutter also cleared away. By experiencing the silence with others you are exposed to a magnified mirror that naturally assists in your own evolution. Experiencing the silence in a beautifully, natural setting, with a river flowing around you, allows your own personal connection with nature, and adds intention to your respect of the earth, awakening your awareness of the Great Mother Gaia. This is simply a bonus of the beautiful setting.

Moments of organized discussion provide additional illumination and activity to assist you in the times of silent awareness, magnifying the outcome of the overall experience and creating supportive bonds between the participants.

We will arrive at our cabins between 5 and 6PM, Thursday and depart Sunday morning in time for people to make their flights, if necessary. If you need to fly into Missouri – fly into Springfield Airport and we will try to make travel arrangements as a group. silent retreat

The beautiful and rustic Big Spring Lodge and Cabins are located on the Current river. It’s a magical setting in a serene part of Southern Missouri. The fireplace heated cabins are on the national historic registry and are nestled in the woods surrounding the Current River on the edge of Big Springs Park within the Ozark National Scenic River Ways. Spring time is beautiful in this area with temperatures around 70 degrees and sunny. The trees and foliage will most likely just be budding, perfect for a silent awakening.

    • Full price to be determined by Jan. 1, 2013
    • All inclusive
  • TO REGISTER: Call (417) 860-5432 or email, subject: Silent Retreat
    • $100 deposit required to hold your space
    • Please pay in full by 2/15/2013
    • Cancellation policy: Retreat must be paid in full due 45 days prior to arrival. If cancellation is necessary less than 30 days prior to event, we reserve the right to offer no refund unless your spot if filled with another participant. If cancellation is prior to 60 days from arrival all will be refunded except a $200 reservation fee. We know sometimes emergencies arrive, please contact us for cancellation arrangements.
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