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WHO: You and a small group of like-minded people + Adironnda & Company with Marilyn Harper

WHAT: A 1 day, personal journey workshop to recalibrate you for the higher frequencies and catapult you into the 5th Dimension reality.

WHY: It’s pretty intense out there – whatever you think (good or bad), you’re creating! Learn to make it exactly what YOU want.

HOW: As our friend bj King says – “Be Willing, Show up, and Look Good.” Oh – and get yourself registered!



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Phoenix, AZ – Sat, Feb 8, 2014

TIME: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM (MST-AZ)
LOCATION: Phoenix area (Exact location provided to participants upon registration)

PRICE: $222 online


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  • You are the architect of your own life experience… the creator of your own life. The real question is: how’s that working out for you?Are you happy with your creation? Or, are you stuck? Awake? Accepting? Courageous? Or, living a life of illusion, of fear? Are you surrounded by people who support your truth? Or, quietly hidden? Are you of service?
  • In this age of knowledge, what we really seek is wisdom. It can’t be purchased from a store or downloaded from a website. You ‘gotta’ do the work! Even then… you’ll find your journey has only begun. It’s a continuous path of teaching, learning, teaching, learning. As part of The Great Awakening community, your insight makes you the teacher and your listening makes you the student. So, come, teach, learn, experience. BE. THE GREAT AWAKENING WILL:
    • Traverse you to the great beyond… within you.
    • Expand your knowledge with possibility thinking
    • Open your awareness through the use of activations
    • Experience the Akashic Records to integrate past experiences
    • Clear out unnecessary patterns utilizing vibrational, dimensional, quantum and Reiki healing
    • Release generational “dis-eases” and family triggers
    • Present you with new soul mates and a community of supportive individuals
    • Heal you through singing, toning, rattling and drumming for your Highest Good
    • Help you to release pent up emotion in the form of both laughter and tears
    • Awaken the enlightened teacher within, in-turn, being of service to others (feels really good!)
    • Reveal your life’s purpose and help you to joyfully accept it!
    • Over 10 hours of group channeling with Adironnda & Company
    • Saturday lunch is a “brown bag” BYO Bag. (Optional catered lunch is also available)


  • Cancellation Policy: Retreat must be paid in full due 30 days prior to arrival. If cancellation is 30-7 days prior to event, you will receive half payment as refund. If cancellation is 7 days prior to event, no refund will be offered.

5 thoughts on “The Great Awakening – 1 Day Workshop

  1. De Steret says:

    Hi, I need the location for the 2 day Great Awakening (Phoenix). Also time the Friday session starts. I been told to attend the Sat., and Sunday only. Is that ok??? Why ?? Haven’t found out yet. De Steret

  2. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Liz – we’ll take a look at the site… yes, you are a second attendee – no worries. If you want to send us a check, that is great. Or, if you want to use a credit card we can do that, too now.

  3. Liz Sands says:

    I plan to attend the Springfield Great Awakening…when I tried to sign up it lists me as a first-time attendee at double the price. Since I attended the Healing from the Inside Out, how do I pay you for the 1/2 price fee? I will mail you a check to reserve my spot when I hear from you. Namaste! Love y’all, Liz

  4. Karen Buchanan says:

    Hi Marilyn,
    As I will be attending the Protandim conference January 27 & 28 in Las Vegas, I will not be able to attend the Great Awakening retreat in Phonix. Is there any chance of your holding one in the Chicago area? The Northwest Suburbs would be a great area and you are certainly welcome to stay in my upstairs guest bedroom/bath, which provides a private area for you, if you would like.



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