Staycations and Have Fun Everywhere

So tip three and tip four. Tip three is take a vacation. Do you take a vacation every year? Do you take a vacation every month? I read a book somewhere that was, “Double Your Income Doing What You Love” or something like that, and one of his tips was to take a vacation every month.

Even if it was just two hours. Even if it was a staycation. You know, hang out in the yard, go to a park, go to a movie, go to an art store, or go to an art museum. Go play and do something for yourself that is fun. I want to go up in a hot-air balloon. Maybe that’s what I’ll do on my staycation, which would really be a vacation. That’s tip three.

Tip four is enjoying yourself wherever you are. Have fun. Did you know that you can create fun wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing? Because the fun is actually between your ears. And you know, if you’re thinking, “Oh man, I’ve got to do this again? I just did it last week.” And you don’t like doing it? Find something that’s fun about it. Okay, so you’ve got to wash the dishes every day. What’s fun? You’re going to play with the bubbles. Test yourself, see how fast you can wash the dishes, or how many times you can do something. You know? Set little goals for yourself, and then acknowledge those goals in a fun and exciting way.

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So that’s tip three and tip four. Take a staycation or a vacation every month, and no matter what you’re doing, find something fun about it, and let me know what it is. Have a great day.

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