Stop Making Up Stories

stop making up stories

Stop Making Up Stories

Hi, Marilyn Harper here. You know, so often we get so caught up in telling ourselves stories about what we perceive is going to happen, that we forget about being present.

I missed my granddaughter’s birthday. I know, it’s really hard to imagine, because it was her 18th birthday. She’s my only granddaughter. I have three grandsons and a great-grandson, but she’s still my only granddaughter. And I missed her birthday.

Guilt Kept Me Away Longer

I was beating myself up! And I was thinking, “Oh my goodness, she’s gonna be mad at me forever. Her Mom’s gonna be mad at me forever. They’re going to be so upset with me.” I was going through the whole drama, which again, put off contacting her. And because of my guilt, not hers. Keep that in mind…MY guilt.

So I was talking with Joeaux about it, and she says, “She knows your schedule, just tell her that you want to celebrate her birthday, no matter when it is.” And so I did, and there was no hard feelings (that I could tell), only within me.

Just Stop It!

I was just making up all those stories! So, follow your own advice, Marilyn…just stop it! Stop making up stories about things that haven’t happened yet. Stop saying, “what if”…stop saying and living in the future, and be here RIGHT NOW. And embrace absolutely every single moment that there is.

Emotion is a Signal

That brings up emotion…interesting. So according to Adironnda (and many other experts), when you say something that brings up emotion, then that must be really significant. It’s something really significant that you get to learn about yourself, usually something significant about your life purpose.

So, stop worrying about the future. Let go of the past, you can’t change it. Be here right now, and do the very best job that you can do.

Namaste, y’all, namaste.


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5 thoughts on “Stop Making Up Stories

  1. Linley Ross says:

    Thank you so so so so much for the emails and wisdom. Pure Love and light to yall. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!!

  2. Annelize Chantell says:

    Beautiful message.
    Just confirms the message I received from Adironnda on the 11 11 11 DD about time.
    Thank you Marilyn

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