Excerpted from our 2012 Walk-ins Welcome Conference…


DVD Mock-up 8 Extraordinary Lightworkers to Watch
Experience the best of our 2012 Walk-ins Welcome Conference: activations, meditations, profound wisdom.

$249 per set + S&H* $7.75

*Shipping & Handling charges for USA only.
Call (417) 860-5432 if ordering multiples or outside of the USA.

This multi* DVD set contains the juiciest experiences and activations of our 2012 Walk-ins Welcome Conference.

Speakers Include:

  • Marilyn Harper
  • Lenedra Carroll
  • William Linville
  • Jenifer Hough
  • bj King
  • Leandra Murray
  • John Schulte
  • Christine Bannigan
Plus Bonus tracks:
Soul Tones and Arizona Rhythms
A guided meditation into the Akashic Records with Mariyn Harper. Alos

In this DVD series, we feature the tips and tactics revealed by our 98 pros who are happily doing today more brilliant things than they ever dreamed possible. AND, They want to inspire you to do the same. In this limited-offer, DVD set, they’ll reveal their key practices and methods to easily and continuously raise your personal vibration even in a world over run with negativity!

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