The Walk-in Phenomenon Archives

Series 1 – The Truth About the Walk-in Phenomenon

We find the walk-ins. You get to meet them… all over again!

Enjoy past webinars of amazing information about walk-ins, starseeds, galactics, and soul transformation. This is fascinating information that is beginning to emerge on the planet. Some of these experiences date back decades, others are fairly new. Whatever the story – – – you’ll find that there are more and more of them coming forth to benefit others who are in search of like-minded people and experiences.

“In the Beginning…” A Collection of Early Walk-in Experiences

Engaging webinar movies, downloadable recordings, pdf of the slide series, exclusively available here!

You’ll get 4 Webinar Series plus 3 BONUS Interviews:

  1. Marilyn and Joeaux: the Purpose of Walk-ins: Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey discuss the synchronistic story of how the two began working together and the direct guidance they received to begin to gather walk-ins and others who have experienced a soul transformation, and why.
  2. bj King: The Walk-in as Lightworker: bj discusses the walk-in experience and why they are coming to the planet now in droves. She talks about the purpose of their transformation and the importance of “stepping up to the plate.”
  3. An Outside Perspective – Family and Friends Share About Living with a Walk-in: Marilyn’s son, and Joeaux’ children and husband, plus a few friends share a heartfelt discussion of their experience with suddenly realizing there is a “stranger among them.”
  4. A Conversation Between Walk-ins – bj King, Leandra Murray, John F Schulte, and Marilyn Harper: bj, Leandra, John, and Marilyn discuss what it was like a decade or so ago when they were part of the first gathering of Walk-ins.

BONUS: 3 Personal Interviews with walk-ins: John F Schulte / Leandra Murray / Rev. Kari Chapman

Over 7 hours of interviews with walk-ins who were the first to step up and support Marilyn and Joeaux’ efforts.

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