Cobalt Blue Bottle - Gratitude
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We’ve been telling people for 12 years now:
“Drink your water from Blue Bottles.”– Adironnda

Now, we’ve got the bottles for you!

Each bottle is beautifully etched with your choice of an intention.
Choose from Gratitude (shown), Prosperity, Joy, Love.

  • 24 oz. / 750 ml
  • Sturdy
  • Fits most car – cup holders
  • Includes plastic cap
  • Front: etched with Adironnda’s logo
  • Back: etched with “Shift and the world around you shifts.” – Adironnda & Company
  • Comes with printed instructions for improving the water

Why Drink Water From Blue Bottles: (Placed initially in the sunlight)

  • Changes the molecular structure of the water.
    Tastes much better!
  • Raises the water’s vibrational frequency.
    This raises your vibrational frequency, too!
  • Sunlight through blue glass releases the chemical content of the water.
    This makes it healthier for you.
  • Makes everyone else wonder.
    How fun is that?
  • Cobalt Blue is the color of the 17th Ray (the will of God).
    It’s like drinking the will of Source Energy.
  • Setting an intention to your drinking water,
    sets an intention to your life with each drink of water
Each bottle comes with a Rabbit Stopper!

Choose Intentions from: Prosperity, Joy, Love, Gratitude.

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