You are about to begin a guided journey with Spirit in attracting your perfect soul mate. Begin by downloading each of the 8 Audio Sessions below plus the Companion Guide. Simply follow the instructions on Step 1: Into the Labyrinth!


Click on the link below to begin the download:

  1. Step 1: Into the Labyrinth >>
  2. Step 2: Forgiving >>
  3. Step 3: Illumination >>
  4. Step 4: Cellular Healing >>
  5. Step 5: Integration >>
  6. Step 6: Unconditional Love >>
  7. Step 7: Harmony >>
  8. Step 8: Outside the Labyrinth >>
  9. Companion Guide >>

Additional Download Information

Note: These are large files, 10 MB plus… please be patient as it may take awhile to download.
Please do not share this link with others : )

NOTE: These downloads are formatted for iTunes as M4a or MP3 files
You can download iTunes FREE here:

TO DOWNLOAD: Simply, click the link…
If it doesn’t download and opens a window with an audio player, try:

  • MAC: Ctrl Click the link, if asked choose Open with iTunes
  • PC: Alt Click the link, if asked choose Open with iTunes

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