Different Directions

Surprise, I’m in a hotel room again. I know, it’s been so long since I’ve been in a hotel room. Sometimes, I need to book a night in a hotel room just to stay in one. No, I’m up in St. Louis doing some things, and it’s just so unusual to be in a hotel room. Now, I know many of our old weekly messages, or classes, were held in hotel rooms with the background going in different directions and all that. And then surprise, they all look like they’re from the same background due to the miracles of modern technology. So what surprises does this time, and date, and age hold for us? That’s the key; we hold the intention that everything that happens goes smoothly, easily, effortlessly. We get a little frustrated sometimes when things don’t appear to be going as smoothly as possible.


Immense State of Change

Joeaux recently closed on her house, and it was supposed to happen in one day, it happened in three or four days. But then, she’s like, “What does this mean?” That is the way of the world right now. That is ease and grace, for it to happen in three or four days. You see, what once was nice and smooth, and take the next step and turn around the corner, was ease and grace in one time. But because the world right now is in such a tremendous state of turmoil and an immense state of change, everyone on the planet is learning how to do new things, learning how to experience new energies.

Learning New Energies

That’s why with ease and grace, you can pivot in new directions. Pivoting is being able to shift in any possible direction at any possible time. That’s really what’s happening right now, is everybody on the planet is learning new energies. Everybody on the planet is saying, “Okay, so that didn’t work, what’s next?” Or, “That works great; how do I get more of that?” And it’s a matter of feeling into that and feeling grateful for absolutely everything.

Ease and Grace

So surprise, everything is still new. Surprise, everything feels like it’s maybe taking a lot longer than you expected it to take. But surprise, it is the ease and grace that is happening with as much ease and grace as is possible. And what’s happening right now, surprisingly enough, is ease and grace. So, surprise. Namaste y’all, namaste.


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