Eye-to-Eye with a Smiling Dolphin

Swimming with dolphins in bimini bahamas

Relax, I told myself. Breathe. I love swimming with dolphins in Bimini Bahamas but breathing underwater is always an adjustment. So, here I was again, immersed in the sea, feeling a little bit of that old panic as my body insisted that it’s not natural to breathe under water. At least not anymore.

The sea is so vast, the coral, the fish, so unfamiliar to my present-life reference point in land-locked Kansas. Yet I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I was from the sea… first. In the beginning of my lives on this earth, I had come through the sea beings. I was of them.

As I watched a piece of seaweed dance in the reflection of sunlight on the water, I trusted that I would be able to heal that old program of panic in my breathing. I floated, calming my thoughts and my breath, and beheld in wonder the miraculous world of the sea—the colors, the life, and fish so very like the ones in my grandson’s aquarium back home. Fascinating! Floating motionless in the vast, life-filled ocean, feeling my air coming through, hearing myself breathe from the inside out…

Then it happened.


I came face to face with my brother, eye to eye with the smiling beauty of a mystical dolphin. At that moment, my life felt complete. We gazed eye to eye, almost snout to nose. Feeling the water move around us, we floated motionless in time. I could have stayed like this for hours.

But wait! The dolphin had other ideas. “Did he wink at me?”

And then he was gone, in a swoosh of bubbles. The sea where he had been still reverberated with his energy. Was it something I did? The captain had told us not to reach out to the dolphins, just be still and they would come to us. So I was still. And yet, that Smiling Beauty had sped away, stunning me with his speed and agility. I longed for more.

Still, I smiled inside my diver’s mask and thought, “I have gazed eye to eye with a dolphin. Does it get any better than this?” (Tweetable)

Floating, breathing, absorbing the magnitude of which I am but a tiny part, I realized that this was the very ocean that Adironnda says touches every being on this planet, and here I am, in it. SO COOL!! And then I felt it.

Daily Message Tues, Mar 11, 2014

A presence behind me, a feeling of movement, and my breath quickened. As I turned to see, my dolphin was there, watching me as I was watching him. AND he’d brought friends! We regarded each other in what seemed like mutual awe. We moved through the water playfully, he eyeing my blue snorkel fins, me just aching to pet him, much as I had patted my kin those many thousands of years ago.

That thought let loose, it was as if he’d heard it spoken loud and clear in dolphin language. He came close enough for me to gently feel his touch.

My memory of this sweet encounter brings emotion to me even now, all these years later.

AND… That, my dear, is why Adironnda & Company invites you to join us to swim with the dolphins.


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3 thoughts on “Eye-to-Eye with a Smiling Dolphin

  1. Karen says:

    Swimming with the dolphins is something I’ve always wanted to do. I am going to envision it happening!

  2. Lynne Ormandy says:

    What a fascinating view of an encounter with a dolphin! I shall dream about my own encounter when the Universe opens the door for me to travel. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Randy Batson says:

    how I long to join you. It is not in the cards this year, but I AM forming a solid intention for the future. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

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