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Evolving Intergalactic Technology [#58]

intergalactic technology

Adironnda Answers Featured Question This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 6/6/2020 Double Digit: Q: Will you be considering more live-stream events post COVID-19? A huge benefit to me has been the ability to access events that I would otherwise not have been able to attend. A: Yes, because we do not predict the future. […]

The 11:11 Connection


Observing the Temperament Marilyn: Hi! Joeaux: Don’t you love us? Marilyn: I love us. Joeaux: I love us too. We were just talking about all the chaos. Marilyn: Woo-hoo. Joeaux: I think it was Friday people started texting and emailing me saying, “Oh my God, the sky’s falling.” And I didn’t feel that way at […]