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3 Things that Keep You Stuck from Taking Action on Your Life Calling

3 things that keep you stuck

3 Things That Keep You Stuck… Yesterday, an eager group of soulopreneurs joined me on my live class. And it felt so good sharing the information I’ve learned from decades of coaching people, as well as my own experiences. This is for you… if there’s something that’s been holding you back (be it procrastination, fear, […]

How to Nail Goals and Why Resolutions Work

New Year’s Resolutions Joeaux: Good morning. Oh, my gosh, it’s such a beautiful day here. There’s my friend, Marilyn. Marilyn: Hi. Joeaux: My business partner. Marilyn: I’m walking, too. Joeaux: She came out for a walk with me. Marilyn: No. I came out for a walk. You just happened to be going at the same […]