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Mirror Reflection

Mirror Refection

Emancipation Proclamation Hello, I want to share a little wisdom that I have gained recently about life. I mean, I could share the wisdom that I’ve gained in the past two or three months about life, but I would start to cry, and then everything would get messy. And then I wouldn’t send it to […]

Miracle Reminder

Miracle Reminder

One Function My ACIM (A Course In Miracles) reminder for the day says, “Salvation is my only function here. My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.” It’s an app that I have, and I do it every day. That sounds like a great Weekly Message. God’s Plan for Salvation My part is essential […]

What Is This Word Forgiveness?

What Is This Word Forgiveness? Hi, It’s Joeaux. Y’know, Marilyn recently did a great little video about What Is This Word Healing, and I watched it and I thought, “Gosh, there’s so many words that we come across when we’re working with people that trigger them”, and one of the words that we’ve noticed, lately, […]