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Bringing the Light Home

galactic perspective on COVID-19

Galactic Perspective on COVID-19 This video, Bringing the Light Home: A Candid Conversation on COVID-19 with Adironnda, Marilyn & Joeaux, includes a galactic message from Adironnda as well as a live Q & A session and a powerful activation for the group. Watch the video now to learn more about the Coronavirus from Adironnda’s 17th […]

Immune System Activation

Immune system activation

You Are Not Alone Remember that you are abundantly loved. And you’re being Divinely guided and protected by Spirit, your Higher Self and your Guidance Team. We are deeply committed to supporting you as well. It’s vital now more than ever to remain connected to your truth and your power. As Light-plurkers and Way-showers, it’s […]

Are You Experiencing Backwards Energy?

energy is getting stronger

Marilyn: I deliberately clear and seal this space on all sides, all directions, above and below, around myself and on each person that listens to this live and each person that listens in the future. I am so thankful to be a direct channel for the Holy Spirit and the cosmic Christ consciousness. I’m honored […]

What’s in the “FIELD?”

Channeling from Kryon (Lee Carroll) and Adironnda (Marilyn Harper) This is an audio recording from the Pre-Excursion to Butchart Gardens on June 12, 2018 during the Science Spirituality Conference in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. What’s in the “FIELD?” Science Spirituality Conference What’s in the “FIELD?” Nanaimo, BC, Canada – June 12, 2018 File Size: 36.8 MB […]

Be the Change Webcast

BE the CHANGE Webinar

7 Ways to Put Your YES!!! Into Action Now WE are acknowledging the energy of change, assisting the consciousness of the people on this planet, and offering in the best way we can to give hands-on steps to activate whatever it is in your life to be activated. We’ve created these 7 steps for you to jump […]

2012: Straight From Source

Please, fill out the form below for download of this session! As a special BONUS to our monthly Double Digit Group Channeling, Marilyn Harper and Composer Randy Luna joined forces to channel a unique Double Digit experience on New Year’s Day, 01/01/2012. Unlike typical Double Digit Channelings that are generally open only to subscribers, Marilyn […]