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Pick Up an Aspect of Yourself

pick up an aspect of yourself

Pick Up an Aspect of Yourself Joeaux: It’s Marilyn! Marilyn: Hello, Joeaux! Joeaux: Here we are in another hotel room. Marilyn: We’re always in another hotel room. We’re actually in Buffalo, New York at this moment. Joeaux: Not far from Niagara Falls. Marilyn: The power of the falls. Joeaux: The power of Mother Nature. Marilyn: […]

Join Us in Thailand

join us in thailand

Join Us in Thailand Joeaux: Hi. I’m Joeaux Robey. Marilyn: And I am Marilyn Harper. Joeaux: And we would like to invite you to join us in Thailand this Fall. Marilyn: Why would somebody wanna travel with us? Joeaux: Well, this is our, I think our third trip to Thailand, and Thailand is like the land […]