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Be as a Child to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

You must be as a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven — or so the Bible teaches. At the Double Digit Group Session on 7/7/2014, however, Master Yeshua clarified the advice, saying: “I am here to tell you that it is your choice to be in that Heaven now.” Here’s an excerpt from that […]

Review of “Stories of Women Reshaping The World”

This is a series of short stories highlighting wonderful, humanitarian things that women, the world over, have done, or said, or have beautifully written from the time of Christ to today. Most, are women you’ve never even heard of who have done amazing things that have changed the course of history.

A Gift from Assumption Abbey

Joeaux and I ventured unknowingly into the private area unavailable to guests of the Abbey and I wondered how many more rules we could break with our presence. We were particularly drawn to a meditation site with a large statue of Mary, standing on a ball and a snake.

Radio Show Features Marilyn Harper As A Walk-in

Listen to Marilyn Harper’s story about her own transformational experience as a Walk-in in 1993. She is featured on “Exposing The Masters Within” hosted by John Schulte.