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SophiaGaia Bracelets

sophiagaia bracelets

NEW! SophiaGaia Bracelets Our friend, Tracey, channeled a new grounding awareness bracelet for me, Joeaux Robey, along with the profound meaning behind this pretty new piece. When Tracey asked Spirit to explain the numerology and metaphysical properties of the SophiaGaia bracelet, the following is what came through: Ground the Body ”The sterling silver is used […]

Why Wear An Awareness Bracelet

Rainbow Awareness Bracelet

See How Marilyn Uses Her Awareness Bracelet to Be the Best She Can Be The key to breaking a habit is to be consciously aware of the habit… A 21-day Process to Achieving What Presently May Seem Unachievable Hi, I’d like to tell you a little bit about our Awareness Bracelets. The way these Awareness […]