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Adironnda’s Answers #7

Adironnda’s Answers #7 Adironnda & The Council of Light loves answering all your delightful questions on our monthly Double Digit Activation & State of the Universe webcast. Now we’re sharing some of the best each week… Featured Question This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 5/5/2019 Double Digit: Q: What was the big message or learning […]

8/8/2018 Double Digit Bringing in Balance & Abundance

Bringing in Balance & Abundance So, it’s happy 8/8/2018! You know it’s just amazing that it’s already August. It just seems like we were just doing the 1/1/2018 and now already it’s August! Well, believe it or not, the 8/8/2018 adds up to a 27. 8+8+2+1+8 equals a 27, which equals a nine.  8 […]

In Spiritual Life Coaching We Say It’s ALL A Reflection of You!

Spiritual Coaching Message Reflection

The first two weekly messages for the month of February focused on the importance of family. This week we focus on the reflection of you. In reflection you can truly discover yourself. Check out this week’s spiritual life coaching message. Another Spiritual Life Coaching Message: The Reflection of You! Dearest Ones, I spent a couple […]