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Difference Between You and Jesus

Difference Between You and Jesus

Jesus Knew Who He Was Marilyn: My name is Marilyn Harper. Joeaux: And I am Joeaux Robey. Marilyn: And together we are Adironnda company and… Joeaux: Soulopreneurs. Marilyn: That’s right. Yes, we are. And we were just… We have a question for you. Joeaux: What do you think is the difference? Really the only difference […]

The Mope and Cope Habit

The Moping and Coping Habit

Moping Phase Well, hello there. So nice to see you again; welcome back to your weekly message. You know I was thinking the other day, does it bother you that I invite you into my brain? I mean, it can be kind of a scary place, but during these weekly messages, I want to share […]

The 11:11 Connection


Observing the Temperament Marilyn: Hi! Joeaux: Don’t you love us? Marilyn: I love us. Joeaux: I love us too. We were just talking about all the chaos. Marilyn: Woo-hoo. Joeaux: I think it was Friday people started texting and emailing me saying, “Oh my God, the sky’s falling.” And I didn’t feel that way at […]

Navigating Through the New Decade with Higher Guidance[#39]

Adironnda Answers Featured Question This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 1/11/2020 Double Digit: Q: As we navigate the new decade, is higher guidance and wisdom guiding us to our highest and best path? A: Yes, that is why we ask you to get your spiritual practice on board. Meditate. Go into your guidance, into […]

Thailand Retreat Channelings

Adironnda Thailand Channelings

Thailand Retreat Channelings Awakening the Buddha Within November 9-24, 2019 Note: The channeled recordings below are unedited, so you may hear some background noise.   Thailand Channelings Thailand Retreat Channeling 1 – Message from Joeaux and Adironnda Opening Channel     Thailand Retreat Channeling 2 – Message from Buddha     Thailand Retreat Channeling 3 […]

Be the Bobbling Buddha

Be the Bobbling Buddha

My Dashboard Buddha So this is a little bobbling Buddha. I love him. Yes, you see this little bobbling Buddha that’s on a dash of my car? You know, some people when they get in my car, they think, “Well that is silly. It’s like a bobbling Jesus.” And I used to think those were […]