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Egypt Channelings

egypt channelings

Adironnda in Cairo, Egypt Kryon Egypt Epic Journey April 3-28, 2019   Adironnda & Kryon Channelings from Egypt Cairo – The Adventure Begins 8:07 minutes | 9.9 megabytes 01-EGYPT-The Adventure Begins.mp3   Base of Mt. Sinai – Before You Climb … 14:09 minutes | 17.2 megabytes 02-EGYPT-Mt-Sinai-The base.mp3 Elan Cohen – 00:00 KRYON – 06:20 […]

Scary Traffic in Cairo

scary traffic in Cairo

Scary Traffic in Cairo We are sitting here in Egypt and I gotta tell you, Egypt has the most horrifying, frightening, scary, chaotic traffic I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s so funny because you get into the car, these little tiny taxi cabs, and all of them have scrapes all up and down the […]