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Facing Fears Around COVID-19 [#70]

Facing Fears Around COVID-19

Adironnda Answers Featured Question This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 9/9/2020 Double Digit: Q: What is the continued and ongoing message of COVID-19? Channeled from Juelle Wilkins: A: It’s pretty much the same message about fear. The ongoing message about COVID-19 is, “Are you going to let it affect your life to such a […]

Bringing the Light Home

galactic perspective on COVID-19

Galactic Perspective on COVID-19 This video, Bringing the Light Home: A Candid Conversation on COVID-19 with Adironnda, Marilyn & Joeaux, includes a galactic message from Adironnda as well as a live Q & A session and a powerful activation for the group. Watch the video now to learn more about the Coronavirus from Adironnda’s 17th […]