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Adironnda in Crestone   The Channelings   Day 1 Opening Crestone File size: 83 MB Length: 1:09:18     Day 2 AM Crestone File size: 47 MB Length: 38:47     Day 2 Harmony Gardens Crestone File size: 28 MB Length: 23:40     Day 3 Meditation Crestone File size: 48 MB Length: 40:41   […]

My Amazing Crestone Experience

Now that I have been to Crestone, the desire to return is stronger than the initial tug and this time I will be able to attend Marilyn Harper’s Next Step retreat in October 2011. I want to experience again these portals into the past, the present and the future but this time with Adirronda’s help and guidance. I hope to learn more about these huts and the stories that Mother Earth has to tell.