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Questions for the Universe – Part 2

Questions to the Universe - Part 2

More About Uniqueness For Part 2 of Question for the Universe, I want to talk a little more about the uniqueness we are, that unique energy that flows through us. Let’s talk about a few crystals I have. One is a labradorite globe, and one is an amethyst globe. They both have wonderous stuff inside. […]

Eclipses? Ha-Ha. Enjoy Them.

Eclipse by Bryan Minear

Lemurian Wisdom and Eclipses During a gathering of Lemurian Wisdom, Marilyn channeling Adironnda gave some celestial tips on dealing with eclipses. The recording contains Marilyn Harper (channeling Adironnda) and Dr. Amber Wolf (channeling the Star Mothers). Below is the transcripted information on eclipses.   Marilyn Harper and Dr. Amber Wolf Universe (Online) – July 10, […]

Healing in the Crystalline Energy of Gaia

2018 Mt. Ida Retreat This event took place on June 24-28, 2018. These are the recordings captured during this event.   Opening Circle Mt. Ida, AR – June 24, 2018 File size: 63 MB Length: 43:25     Day 1 PM Mt. Ida, AR – June 25, 2018 File size: 38 MB Length: 26:13   […]