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Adironnda’s Answers #19

adironnda answers

Featured Question This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 9/9/2019 Double Digit: Q: Hi Adironnda, I took the channeling workshop. How do you deal with the fear from others when they ask you to tune in and channel, and then it’s so truthful, they get frightened and act like you are to be feared and avoid […]

For Spiritual Awakening, Move Through Fear and Into Bliss

Spiritual Awakening is what we’re all about here at Adironnda & Company. Assisting you and others in matters of Spiritual Awakening is at the center of every message Adironnda delivers. It’s also the aim of every program we put together and the main ingredient of every lovingly created product we offer. And then, Adironnda reminds […]

Calling All Spirit Guides!

Spirit Guides, draw near! I beseech them, as I inch slowly backward. I’m not usually a “spirit guides” kind of person, but that seems to be changing fast. Under the circumstances, praying to Spirit Guides strikes me as the best possible idea—not that I’m thinking clearly just now. No, my brain is a boggle of […]