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Master Yeshua Activates Our Genius Code

the genius code

Master Yeshua came through, as promised, during the 5-5-2014 Double Digit, to speak with us about realizing our infinite potential. Sometimes he called it infinite potentiality. Other times he used a term that was a new one to me: Genius Code. Let me say that I look forward to the Double Digit every single month, not […]

Master Yeshua Urges Love Amid Differences

Master Yeshua

This is a transcript of our Double Digit Group Channeling Session, May 5, 2014, featuring a message from Master Yeshua ADIRONNDA: It is good day to you! Very good to see your energy. Very good to connect with each of you. You understand, my name is Adironnda, if we have not met before, and as […]

The Universal Double Digit Meaning of the 6/6/2014 = 19, or 10…

6/6/2014 Double Digit Message

Hi this is Marilyn Harper – coming to you LIVE from the Motor Home, Atlas. I am heading across country. In connecting with this month’s double digit meaning of the 6/6/2014, once again it will be brought to you by the Master Yeshua. They brought you the double digit on 5/5/2014 and it was so […]