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Family is Like Icing on a Cake

Family is Like Icing on a Cake

Interpretation Don’t you love families? I have an amazing family. My parents were wonderful people, and I did well in choosing them this lifetime. My father and my mother both taught me a lot. I stayed with my mother to take care of her for several years before she passed. I just learned so much […]

Strengthening Your Spirit[#106]

Strengthening Your Spirit

Adironnda Answers Featured Question This week’s featured Q&A comes from a Double Digit member: Q: Is this normal to feel guilty about putting my spirituality on hold this year to focus more on my health? Channeled from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper: A: Oh, dearest, that is not a question just for you. It is a […]

Carving a New Planet

Pleasant Surprises Do you ever surprise yourself with things? Really surprise yourself. I surprise myself all the time. I was looking for a book, and I just happened to pull out an old book, The Animal-Wise Tarot, by Ted Andrews. It had some pages marked with a rubber band, and they are getting old. So […]

The All-Encompassing Hand

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms You never know what will inspire you. I was sitting here, and I had just recorded a weekly message. I love giving my perspective or sharing a view that has come to me, as it may benefit people. I was sitting here, and all of a sudden, I realized that […]

Healing Ourselves of Allergies [#41]

Adironnda Answers Featured Question This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 1/11/2020 Double Digit: Q: What do allergies represent, and can we heal ourselves of them? A: An allergy represents the energy of aggravation, anger, and frustration usually directed at one person or one group of people. So that would be the first place to start. […]