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Adironnda on Daily Creations

Adironnda on Daily Creations

Message from Adironnda Hello. I thought about what to say and what I would like to share on a weekly message, and I got an interruption. Yes. I do get those sometimes, and I felt this energy come in and say, “Well, we have something that we would like to share as well.” So I’ll […]

Questions for the Universe – Part 2

Questions to the Universe - Part 2

More About Uniqueness For Part 2 of Question for the Universe, I want to talk a little more about the uniqueness we are, that unique energy that flows through us. Let’s talk about a few crystals I have. One is a labradorite globe, and one is an amethyst globe. They both have wonderous stuff inside. […]

The Power of Intention

Power of Intention Hi, Marilyn Harper here. I’ve been thinking a lot about intention, as I am working on the Holographic Healing 5, the certification level of Holographic Healing, which we’ve been working on for four years. I’ve been working on it personally for 20 years, it is based upon the power of intention. Conscious […]