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A Crash Course in Remote Viewing

Holographic Healing Part 3

To Remote View Is To View An Object In the Quantum Yet, Lightworkers tend to make 3 mistakes that keep them stuck in the 3D world and prevent them from this quantum vision. Watch this video with Marilyn Harper to learn about those 3 mistakes. HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED: 10:16 – Mistake #1 (and solution): Believing […]

3 Life Threatening Mistakes

…That Conscious Women Make That Destroy Their Health And Quicken Their Aging Process Marilyn Harper shares the three choices (you’ve simply forgotten) that are the key to happy, healthy, and young. She gives you 5 solutions to alleviate stress (the #1 cause of dis-ease and aging) and get to the core of chronic pain. Enjoy the replay! […]

Holographic Healing: 3 Massive Mistakes Divine Seekers Make


That Keep Them In Chronic, Physical, and Emotional Pain WATCH THIS VIDEO REPLAY FROM THE LIVE WEB CLASS… What is Holographic Healing? Join Marilyn Harper as she explains the fundamentals of a brand NEW! healing modality that incorporates energy work and etheric tools. PLEASE! Share this with your friends. It’s time that we all take […]

Holographic Healing: Prevents the Inheritance of Ancestral Diseases

Surely, we inherit some physical traits from our ancestors. From the color of the eyes, the shape of the nose, to the color of the skin or hair. It’s debatable, however, when it comes to disease. Dis-ease. Marilyn Harper is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer. It is her belief that diseases are not passed […]