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New Traditions

New Traditions

Honoring This Time of Year This time of year is steeped with traditions. No matter what your religious beliefs, there are traditions around the situation at this time of year. Traditionally for the past three or four years, I’ve been traveling at this point. So I wouldn’t have had a tree or decorated. This year […]

Yeshua’s Vision of the World

Join us in our Visionaries in Light Convergence So it is good day to you, huh? Very good to see each of you. Now we’re on to the very next big thing, the Visionaries in Light Convergence. No, this is not a commercial, or it could be. This is about sharing the passion of this […]

Marilyn Brings Master Yeshua’s Messages from Israel

Master Yeshua at the Sea of Galillee

Enjoy these 3 videos recorded during the Kryon Israel 2015 Tour. In October, 2015, Marilyn was invited to make a few special appearances, channeling messages from Master Yeshua, in specific places in Israel. Officially, she provided messages to the entire Kryon Tour from the Mount of Beautitudes. She also did a guest appearance with Yeshua, […]

Master Yeshua Activates Our Genius Code

the genius code

Master Yeshua came through, as promised, during the 5-5-2014 Double Digit, to speak with us about realizing our infinite potential. Sometimes he called it infinite potentiality. Other times he used a term that was a new one to me: Genius Code. Let me say that I look forward to the Double Digit every single month, not […]

What If the Resurrection Occurs Daily, in You? ~ Master Yeshua

Master Yeshua made another appearance at our Double Digit Group Channeling Session, on June 6, 2014. This is the transcript of his message. ADIRONNDA: So it is good day to you, huh? Very good to see your energy again. We have a whole roomful of beings right here with us because the entire Council of […]

The Holy Land Experience

Marilyn in Jerusalem

Upon returning from the Holy Land, I realized I had just experienced something that would change my life forever. This Holy Land experience, without a doubt, was the most amazing time, from beginning to end. I have story after story after story after story—of the people, the land, the history, the energy—and, of course, I […]

The Universal Double Digit Meaning of the 6/6/2014 = 19, or 10…

6/6/2014 Double Digit Message

Hi this is Marilyn Harper – coming to you LIVE from the Motor Home, Atlas. I am heading across country. In connecting with this month’s double digit meaning of the 6/6/2014, once again it will be brought to you by the Master Yeshua. They brought you the double digit on 5/5/2014 and it was so […]