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3 Things that Keep You Stuck from Taking Action on Your Life Calling

3 things that keep you stuck

3 Things That Keep You Stuck… Yesterday, an eager group of soulopreneurs joined me on my live class. And it felt so good sharing the information I’ve learned from decades of coaching people, as well as my own experiences. This is for you… if there’s something that’s been holding you back (be it procrastination, fear, […]

Are You Ready?

are you ready

Ready for 2020 Marilyn: Hi. Are you ready? Joeaux: Of course, I’m ready. What are we ready for? Marilyn: We are ready for 2020. So obviously, Joeaux and I are in two different locations. I am in our home in Branson, Missouri. Joeaux, where are you? Joeaux: I am in a timeshare in Williamsburg, Virginia, […]