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Marilyn Brings Master Yeshua’s Messages from Israel

Master Yeshua at the Sea of Galillee

Enjoy these 3 videos recorded during the Kryon Israel 2015 Tour. In October, 2015, Marilyn was invited to make a few special appearances, channeling messages from Master Yeshua, in specific places in Israel. Officially, she provided messages to the entire Kryon Tour from the Mount of Beautitudes. She also did a guest appearance with Yeshua, […]

4/4/2014 Double Digit Numerology Message – Transcript

Double Digit Numerology Message

During our April 4th Double Digit Numerology Message, the Divine Mother was the one who came through. This session was quite different in that the 4/4/ 2014 activation began the session – then, the message was delivered. First, Marilyn told a story: I’ve been in meditation for a few hours this afternoon, bringing in some […]

6 Is Pregnant? Double Digit Group Channeling on 4/4/2014

For some reason, April’s Double Digit Group Channeling theme didn’t come in quickly. When you add up the digits of the date 4/4/2014, you get 15, which in turn yields a 6. I asked the Council for the deeper meaning of this, numerologically, and kept hearing “nurturing” and “ancients.” That didn’t mean much to me, […]