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Questions for the Universe – Part 2

Questions to the Universe - Part 2

More About Uniqueness For Part 2 of Question for the Universe, I want to talk a little more about the uniqueness we are, that unique energy that flows through us. Let’s talk about a few crystals I have. One is a labradorite globe, and one is an amethyst globe. They both have wonderous stuff inside. […]

Questions for the Universe – Part 1

Questions for the Universe- Part 1

Human Contact I know you’ve seen all kinds of things that we’ve brought back from Mount Ida, Arkansas. And every once in a while, we come home with a real surprise. And one of the surprises we brought home with us from our live retreat last month in Mount Ida, was the realization that we […]

Do Crickets Sing Like Humans?

Crickets singing

I’d say, YES! Listen for yourself…. Jim Wilson, a composer wondered what would happen if you slowed a recording of crickets chirping, down. Amazing! It’s like they took choir lessons and made the A team. It is so beautiful. It sounds so much like humans that I want to remind you that in deed, this […]